Hello there! My name is Erin Reas, and I am a graphic designer and photographer based in Austin, TX. I graduated from St. Edward’s University in May 2016 with a degree in graphic design and a minor in communication. What I love most about graphic design is solving challenges and problems in a creative way.

No matter what we end up doing in life, we all take a journey to get there. My creative journey was not the same as the typical art student. I didn’t spend all day drawing or taking art classes throughout high school. I joined my high school’s yearbook staff during my freshman year. Through being on the yearbook staff those four years, I learned I have a passion for photography. I took photos of my classmates, telling their stories of being students at Plano Senior High School. After graduation, I went to University of North Texas intending on majoring in photography. Through a series of events, I ended up transferring to St. Edward’s University and switching my major to graphic design. Changing my major to graphic design made sense; while I was on the yearbook staff, I designed the entire book and all the page layouts. While I love graphic design and being able to solve problems and communicate ideas through visual representations, I have a passion for photography. On the side, I still continue to do photography in my free time. I work under the name Flying Lantern Photography because while I was studying at University North Texas and creating a presence online, Erin Nicole Photography was taken by three other people in the Denton area. I graduated from St. Edward’s University May 2016 with my bachelor's degree, and a whole new world open to me. 

Now, I am working full-time as a graphic designer for Kelly’s Kids and its sister brands, Eleanor Rose and Bourgeois Bebe. In my spare time, I like to still work the photography hustle and expand my graphic design reach. I have a passion for working with other creatives and helping them achieve their goals!

Some facts about me:

I enjoy reading, so whenever I get a chance, I curl up on my bed, futon, or apartment balcony with my current read and a cup of coffee. You will win me over if you bring me coffee or food. On the weekends, I work part time at my pilates and barre studio as a Studio Assistant working the front desk. I took a pilates class during my last semester of college for fun, and turns out I really enjoy the workout style! I have a love for candles, and I used to work at Bath and Body Works to get all the good candles first. I really want a large dog one day; I'm talking Mastiff, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees sized. My favorite chocolate is Junior Mints.