Jordan & Elizabeth // Engagements

It’s been a week since Elizabeth said yes to Jordan’s marriage proposal. I had a lot of fun attempting to be incognito while taking pictures during the proposal in Georgetown, TX, but it definitely proved to be difficult at times. I am so honored I had the opportunity to be there and witness the special moment in their relationship. 

Jordan and Elizabeth met at Gateway Church where they both attend. Jordan is originally from Oklahoma and Elizabeth was born in Canada. Both of them made it down to Austin in different points of their lives. When the two started dating, they realized they both have a love for baseball. This became a staple in their relationship.

A few weeks after their proposals, I met Jordan and Elizabeth, newly engaged, on E. 6th St. for their engagement session. During day-of, there was some rain showers in Austin. I was a little worried that we would need to move our location or postpone our session due to rain. Earlier that day, I was attending a graphic design panel about portfolios and kept looking outside the window praying the rain would subside. Luckily, the rain subsided. 

We all met up outside Fair Market which is a warehouse used as an event venue. From there, we traveled up and down a few blocks between E. 4th St. and E. 6th St. I love the East side of Austin. It’s one of the few places that still has the classic Austin vibe of hipster before hipster became too much. The skies were overcast from the rain earlier that day. It meant we didn’t get the nice sunshine, but we also didn’t have any unfavorable shadows. The weather was also nice and cool. 

Jordan and Elizabeth really made this easy. I would ask them to look at each other and you can see how much they love the other. Jordan showed so much tenderness towards Elizabeth. There were times when I asked them to just hold each other and they felt so natural. They weren’t camera shy at all!

Towards the end of our shoot, we ran into a few horses that are used to pull carriages in downtown Austin. That was pretty cool. We tried to take photos with them, but the horses just weren’t interested. 

I believe my favorite part of the shoot was taking photos on the train tracks. We were safe, of course, but I always have a love for train tracks.