Jordan and Elizabeth // The Proposal

On October 31st at around 2:15 (I wasn’t looking at my watch but I think it was around this time), Jordan proposed to Elizabeth and she said yes. The proposal was a bit more elaborate than Jordan getting down on one knee.

Jordan is in seminary and has to make regular trips to Minnesota for classes and seminars. Jordan told Elizabeth he wouldn’t be coming back to Austin until November 2nd; however, he came back October 30th. Jordan contacted Elizabeth’s friends, families, and coworkers to help with his plan. Elizabeth’s sister drove her around to six different locations: The Goodnight, Gateway, Rudy’s, Cedar Park Convention Center, Dell Diamond, and Georgetown. All of these locations hold special meaning to Jordan and Elizabeth. At each location Elizabeth met a friend who had a note for her that Jordan wrote.

The last location, Georgetown, was where Jordan proposed to Elizabeth. Elizabeth surprisingly ran into one of her best friends from Canada outside one of the coffee shops. It was a sweet reunion between Elizabeth at Corinne. After seeing Corinne, Elizabeth was escorted into a wine shop where her family and Jordan’s family were waiting. Elizabeth then walked out of the wine shop and across the street to outside the court house where Jordan was waiting.

During this entire time I was attempting to be inconspicuous and hidden. It’s ok if she saw me though because Elizabeth figured out was going on around the third location.

I was extremely touched and honored to be asked to watch this intimate moment and forever commemorate this moment for them.