Kalkomey Holiday Party

I was hired by Kalkomey Enterprises to take photos at their holiday party this year. This company knows how to throw a good party. The company is small - roughly 40 people - but they went all out. Kalkomey rented out the DeGoyler house at the Arboretum in Dallas, TX. I had never been to the Arboretum (that I remember), so this as the location for the shoot made me very excited. When I arrived on site and the Arboretum Event Planner Kendal gave me a tour, I literally said, "wow" when he showed me the library. The library would be the main location for taking photos because the couple photos were to be taken in front of the tree. The room was filled with nativity scenes from around the world. I spent a few hours in the room, so I was able to get a good look at each one. One of my favorite nativity scenes resembled the decorative eggs commonly seen in Russian culture. They were delicate and showed scenes of the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, the three wisemen, and another showed the shepherds. 

The guests arrived and I started off taking photos of guests and their dates in front of the tree. It was a very festive scene to be working in. After taking the photos, I went on a quick break for dinner while all the guests were eating. That evening I was fed a four course meal. I normally don't get to eat that extravagantly, so that was a nice little bonus for me! Each serving was delicately prepared and had many layers of tastes to it. The main course I had was steak, mashed potatoes, and shrimp (they were huge shrimp). I quickly ate my desert in order to capture the gift give-away portion of the night. There were four neatly wrapped boxes, and four employee names were randomly drawn. I was only able to get a good look at two of the gifts, but they were high end gifts. One was an iPad and the other was the Apple Watch. Those are pretty great giveaways! After dinner, the jazz quartet continued to play for another hour. After the jazz quartet wrapped up, an iPod was plugged in with a party playlist consisting of different group dances, like the Wobble and Cupid Shuffle, but then some oldies, but goodies like Low. There was the group of younger guests who danced and the older ones who mostly chatted the entire time. Overall, it was a well done event and a fun one to photograph!