A Day Trip to Fredericksburg, TX

This summer I’ve been working as an Orientation Coordinator for St. Edward’s. It has been fun, challenging and exciting. I get to do graphic design work and take photos for Orientation. This is the perfect situation because I get to do two things that I love during one crazy summer. One weekend, I went on a day trip to Fredericksburg with two of my friends/Orientation co-workers Erica and Megan. Both of them are Student Orientation Coordinators with me. One the drive to Fredericksburg, our playlist consisted of my old mixed CDs (because I don’t have an auxiliary cable for my car and I still believe in CDs). There was a wide range from N*SYNC to old school hip hop/pop/rap of Soulja Boy. Fredericksburg is about and hour and a half away from Austin. We saw many herds of goats on the drive. Being Orientation Coordinators, we have a special pride in St. Edward’s, thus Megan and Erica always pointed out when there were goats near by.

We stayed on the main street window shopping and enjoying the small town. The first place we went to was a candy store. They had great fudge and I definitely got myself some chocolate mint (my favorite flavor). Outside the candy store was a giant red m&m guy. He was pretty cool and Erica and Megan became good friends with him. From there we just walked up and down Main street. For lunch, we ate burgers at this place called “burger.” The name might not be original, but the food was fantastic. After a few hours, the three of us headed back to Austin. It was a great day to get out of Austin for just a little bit.