Rachel (Graduation Portraits}

Rachel is a friend of a friend. Rachel and mine’s mutual friend, Camille, recommended me as the photographer for her graduation portraits. Rachel attended UT, which is on the other side of the Colorado River from St. Ed’s. All week leading up to our shoot was some of the worst weather Austin has experienced in a while. It stormed every day and most of the whole days. By some miracle, the storm ended before our shoot one evening, but then resumed over night. As Rachel put it, the rain gods were looking over her and her graduation shoot.

So, since I never met Rachel before it was a little awkward at first figuring out who was who. We met outside UT campus on the street known as The Drag. I’m always a little unsure whenever I ask someone if they are in fact the person I am supposed to be working with. Luckily, Rachel was the only one standing around looking like she was waiting for someone. In classic fashion, Rachel wore a burnt orange dress and cowboy boots.

I am not familiar with UT campus at all, so Rachel took me to some of her favorite spots which included the teal doors of the architecture building and the Littlefield House that stroke her fancy when she was a freshman. Working with Rachel was a lot of fun, she was really chill and we had some great conversations. Rachel is graduating with a degree in art history. One of the things we talked about was how she could be the better version of Indiana Jones (because it was never cool how he would trash culturally significant monuments). Rachel will start grad school in the fall at University of Kansas studying Japanese Buddhist images.