A Love/Hate Relationship with Winter

I'm not one to love the cold. My body actually hates it. I tend to be sensitive to temperature changes. Less than 60 degrees, and I'm shivering if I don't have adequate clothing. Because of this, I will most likely forever live in the South: there are other reasons as well. You will never find me living in Chicago or New York.

While I hate the cold, I love snow and winter. There is something completely magical about the first snowfall. I feel like my feelings about snow match Lorelai Gilmore's. While living in Dallas, Texas my entire life, I've experienced snow plenty of times from December through February. Having at least one ice/snow day is something I've come to expect. I always cross my fingers and pray for a White Christmas. Over the past few years, this has even happened. I remember waking up to seeing my family's backyard covered in snow. However, this winter is different. Texas is experiencing an unseasonably warm winter. This has made getting into the Christmas spirit a little difficult. Growing up, I've always thought Christmas coincide with cold weather. In retaliation to the high temperatures, I created an illustration to depict how I want December to be. Hopefully the temperatures will drop down and snow will come to Texas soon.