Nashville, Tennessee

I love staying busy. I always love having things to accomplish and that moment when I mark something off my to-do list. However, every now and then I need a break. During the first weekend of spring break I went to Nashville to visit my friend Megan who is at Vanderbilt in the biomedical engineering grad program. I am super proud of her, by the way. It’s funny how I ended up there. About a month before spring break, I was talking to her and I just asked what would she think about me coming down to visit for a few days. She said it would be so great, and that is when I started looking at flights.

I left out of the DFW airport at 6:50am on March 14th and got to Nashville a few hours later. The first thing I thought when I looked out the window was how much land there was. I haven’t seen that much empty land without tons of development in a while. I spent the next three days in Nashville hanging out with Megan. She showed me some of her favorite places and I got to do some exploring. Megan told me Nashville was like Austin. I could definitely see some aspects that are similar, but it is nothing like Austin. The food is one aspect that is similar in that the food is really good. All the restaurants Megan took me to were really really good.

We did a lot of things, like going downtown, exploring, and hanging out with her friends. It was a great trip and a nice break from everything in my life. On Monday I left to go back to Texas and back to work. The following are some of my favorites from Nashville.