SEU Homecoming 2015

I love St. Ed’s. The past three years on the Hilltop have held a lot of great memories and experiences. However, I still wish we had a football team. I miss going to games, tailgating, and hanging out in the stands with my friends. Luckily, we still have homecoming; it revolves around basketball season. During the week of homecoming, students can create teams and compete against one another for the Topper Cup. The entire week is filled with friendly competition as teams go up against one another each day in an event. This year I competed with TSA, Transfer Student Association. It was a crazy week of competition, but the best part that came out of it was that we all became great friends.

There is a Cardboard Boat Race where teams create a boat out of duck tape and cardboard to be raced back and forth across the pool. My teammates and I spent the Saturday before the boat race building our boat for about 7 hours, and then an extra 2 hours the next morning before the boat race finishing up. It was frustrating and challenging, but in the end we had a boat that floated. The problem with out boat is that it was too narrow, so it actually just tipped over as soon as team members started to try and paddle in the pool. It was a little humiliating, but we had the sturdiest boat in the race. We were able to get in it again after it tipped over to try and race. We probably could have just sad in the boat, but sadly, we had to take it to the dumpster. Now we all laugh about that day.

Then there is the Board Painting contest. Teams paint boards according to a theme and these boards are put up around campus for the week. The board painting contest is always a little difficult because only so many people can be working on the board at a time, so what should the others do while they work. The center of our design was a side profile of a goat (our mascot) and then words that describe that St. Ed’s were placed inside.

Tuesday night was the Great Topper Race. This was a new event where all the teams had to run around campus completing a series of tasks. Tasks included physical, mental, SEU knowledge, and team building. One of the tasks was where a team member had to swim the pool and search for a rock that had your team’s name on it. I was the team member that had to swim and find our rock. The only concern was that it was almost freezing temperatures that night, but luckily the pool was indoor and heated. It was a fun challenge and I am happy that I got to do that for my team. It was also really easy because the TSA rock was already flipped over so I found it quickly. I definitely hope they bring back that competition. There were a few kinks, but overall it was a great event. The Race definitely showed that I need to work out more often.

Wednesday night was the Dodgeball and Connect 4 Tournaments. This was one of my favorite events. Both events started at 8:00. The Connect 4 Tournament ended around 10:00, but the Dodgeball Tournament didn’t end till 12:30am. Our first dodgeball game was around 10:00, so until then we were waiting around and watching the other games going on. TSA played against the RCC, our rec center, guys. They got us out so quickly, but we all held on as long as we could. Even though we didn’t make it past the first round, the dodgeball tournament is still my favorite event. Thanks to a few members on the team, we made it to the semi-finals of Connect 4 before we lost.

The last event where the teams compete was the Food Drive. Surprisingly, my team, The Transfers, placed 3rd. The food was donated to Capitol City Food Bank. I am glad that we got a chance to give back a little int he midst of competition. It goes back to St. Edward’s core Holy Cross values. TSA placed in this event as 3rd place! I was so excited and shocked when it was announced during the Saturday tailgate.

Based on who placed in these competitions, a winner is announced. The team with the most points by the end of the week wins. This year the Aquagods won a second year in a row. I was hoping TSA would place for the week, but I am happy with placing for the food drive.

The competition officially ends Thursday with the Food Drive, but there are still events during the weekend. On Friday is Casino Night where every dresses up, plays poker and blackjack, dance, and have fun. There was a macaroni bar this year, which completely made it for me because I have a loving soft spot for macaroni and cheese. Saturday was tailgate and the men’s and women’s basketball games. This year there was an actual tailgate with tents set up and grills going. This was great considering in the past barbecue would just be catered in and people would have to pay some to eat it. On Sunday there are a few other events, mostly for family members like a Farewell Brunch. Recently a new tradition was added: the Ring Ceremony. St. Edward’s only recently got an official University Ring in Spring 2014. It’s still a fairly new tradition, but it is definitely an important one. It helps bring our community together and remind us all that we are St. Ed’s.

During the week, I covered the Board Painting, Dodgeball/Connect 4 Tournaments, and the Ring Ceremony.