TEC in the Bluebonnets


Bluebonnets are a classic photo-op in Texas. The wild flower only lasts for a little bit, so if you want to take bluebonnet photos, you need to work with your photographer quickly. St. Ed’s hills always have tons of bluebonnets. I’ve done previous shoots on the hills, including last year’s Caitlin and Tyler’s engagements. This year I took photos of SEU’s TEC. TEC stands for Transitional Experiences Council and their goal is to help students throughout their entire life at St. Edward’s. At St. Ed’s there are many hills where the bluebonnets bloom. We started the evening off behind one of the dorms. It was a bit hot and the sun a little high, but everything worked out. Some of the girls were really concerned with the bluebonnets being smushed which I thought was really nice. That kept me on my toes at finding patches and areas where everyone could sit. We then ended our shoot on the hill in front of Main building. There were not as many bluebonnets in that area, but you get Main building in the background, which is the best part. Main building is a landmark and symbol at St. Ed’s. It is one of the oldest buildings on campus and administration is housed there. I love it because one of the towers reminds me of Hogwarts. When I first came to St. Ed’s I remember walking past Main building and I heard doves cooing in the tower. Of course me being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I imagined owls.

It was great to work with this group because they were all comfortable with each other. They’ve all worked together for the past year (or more) and you could see how they formed this bond with one another. I noticed this bond was deeper than a typical co-worker relationship. The students referred to their advisor, Marisa, as mom and she refers to them as her kids. At one point she told Michael, the really tall guy, to sit with his sisters. Hearing that warmed my heart. It is one thing to become friends with your co-workers, but it’s an entirely different relationship when they become your family