Exploring E. 11th with Jenna

I love going on exploratory shoots. I can see new places near my home, spend time with friends, and have fun photographing! I went and explored down e. 11th with my friend Jenna. The first time I went down there was to eat at this little Italian restaurant called Sabra. It was actually really good. When I went down there I saw these little nook and crannies that I thought would make for a good place to take portraits. So, later on I brought my friend Jenna and we spent an hour walking up and down the street. I loved some of the hidden gem of places, like the cemetery. For a cemetery, the one we stumbled upon was actually very gorgeous. The lawn was extremely green and it was very well kept. We were about to go inside, but the gate was locked up.

The East Side of Austin is one of the best parts of the city.