Just Call Me an Orientation Official

Over the summer I worked at St. Edward’s University as a Student Orientation Coordinator. There were a total of fifty students on the team who worked throughout the summer welcoming new students to the University. I had many responsibilities as an Orientation Coordinator: some of which made use of my graphic design and photography skills. I was in charge of making all the designs for Orientation. There was a lot of signage, icons for Orientation groups, and documents that were handed out. I was also in charge of taking photos of the Orientation groups and some of the events at Orientation.

Each group was led by a Student Orientation Leader who were in charge is getting the new students to where they need to get to, but also a mentor to the new freshmen. After the first Orientation session, the Orientation Leaders started to have a little competition about who can come up with the best group photo. They would tell me their ideas, if they had one, and I would implement them. It definitely was stressful at times. Most days I was putting in 8-12 hours a day, but I definitely don’t regret it. I got to grow in my artistic skills, make new friends, and make an impact on the St. Edward’s community.

Over the summer I took roughly 3,000 photos as Orientation Coordinator. No matter how busy I may get in the future with life (between Senior year classes, involvement, work, and general businesses) I will look back on this past summer, and remember how I made some amazing friends as we bonded over being practically sleep deprived, how I found a love again in photography as I ran around the Hilltop once a week, and how I got extremely good at working fast and managing time.