Lake Providence, Louisiana

I spent the first day of 2016 in a car driving to Lake Providence, Louisiana. In the car was my mom, my aunt and I. My mom and I were taking my aunt back home after she spent Christmas and New Years with us. The drive is about six hours from my parent's home in Plano, TX. We left that morning, got into town later that day. My mom and I just stayed the night then left the next morning. So why would I agree to go on this brief trip only to turn around and come back? It's simple. There is something serene about being out in the country.

When I was a kid, my mom used to take my sister and I out to Louisiana to visit my cousins once or twice a year. That stopped after a while. The last time I went to visit my cousins was when I was fifteen. My favorite part was being out on the dock behind my aunt and uncle's house. I would just lay outside and read. I am now 23 years old. Much has changed with the house, the land, and the store my aunt and uncle own. What hasn't changed was the serene feeling I get sitting out on the dock. I went that night before it got too dark, and in the morning just as the sun was rising.

Granted, I probably will never want to live out there. I was born and raised in a suburb where everything was so close. Things are not close out in the country. I do miss the classic Southern and Cajun cooking. My Aunt and Uncle own the local grocery store which also has a deli section with seasoned cooks. The cooks always make the best grits. They put a lot of cheese into them to make them thick and flavorful. I am a sucker for grits. They are one of my favorite foods. I would also always eat crawfish whenever I visited early summer. My Aunt always saved crawfish for my sister and I when we visited in June. She always puts a lot of spices on the crawfish. Our lips turn bright red from the spices.