Ryan + Kelsey Engagements

Kelsey said yes to Ryan’s proposal in August 2016. The story of the proposal goes like this:

It was around midnight when Ryan and Kelsey went on a little adventure to the 360 Bridge in Austin, TX. Kelsey went to the 360 Overlook before with friends after a wedding, and she told Ryan about going to the spot. Ryan and Kelsey made the short hike to the top of the outlook where he proposed and she said yes.

Ryan and Kelsey met through mutual friends after attending a Wookies and Warlocks meeting at St. Edward’s University. They actually met in the back of their friend’s car when the group went off campus for an outing. Ryan and Kelsey dated for almost a year before he proposed. Ryan is studying Business Administration at St. Edward’s University, and Kelsey recently graduated with her degree in English Literature from St. Edward’s. Kelsey now works as an English middle school teacher.

Ryan and Kelsey wanted to take their engagement photos at the 360 Bridge, on the spot where he initially proposed, and on the St. Edward’s University campus. We took two separate days for both of the shoots. The first day was 360 Bridge. I had only been to the Outlook once before, and it was night time, so I finally got the full effect of the 360 Overlook when I met the couple there for their engagements. The Outlook is a fairly small cliff overlooking the 360 Bridge, Colorado River, and the hill country outside of downtown Austin. There were many people coming and going to take in the view the Outlook provides. Every now and then, I had to ask people to step aside in order to get a good shot of Ryan and Kelsey, and the general public would oblige. Ryan and Kelsey got a few congratulations and well wishes when I explained I was taking their engagement photos. Kelsey has a fear of heights, but she pulled through; Ryan never let go of her when they were close to the edge.

The next morning we met at St. Edward’s University for Part 2 of their engagements. St. Edward’s holds a special place in my heart as well: my alma mater and home. We went to some of the key points on campus: the iconic red doors, sorin oak, and the fountain behind Main Building. It was an early Sunday morning, so for the most part we were the only ones. A few early morning students were out and about, but other than that, we had the campus free from distractions. It felt wonderful going back to campus for this special occasion.

Congratulations Ryan and Kelsey!