Victoria // SEU 2016

Victoria Godinez will graduate from St. Edward’s University in December 2016 and walk during Commencement in Spring 2017. Victoria is a Political Science major; she currently works with a Texas Representative in the House, and she intends to continue the position after graduation. Victoria’s plans for the future include going back to get her Masters and possibly her Phd. With her Political Science degree, Victoria intends to work towards supporting minorities and promoting their voice in the political system.

Texas has been experiencing an unseasonably warm Fall. At the beginning of November we were experiencing 90 degrees days, and on the day of Victoria’s shoot, there was heavy overcast and rain throughout the day. I sat at me weekend job, looking out the window, and hoping the rain would stop: it did! We had a wonderful graduation shoot at St. Edward’s University. I always LOVE returning to my Hilltop home for graduation shoots. It gives me a chance to speak with an almost alumnus and learn how St. Edward’s impacted him/her.

During her graduation shoot, Victoria told me she wanted a few photos that focused on her class ring. I noticed instead of wearing her class ring on her right ring finger, as traditionally worn, she wears it on her middle finger of her right hand. I asked her why, and she said that is the only finger it fits on! Once receiving his/her ring during the Ring Ceremony, a Ring Recipient is able to send his/her ring back to the Balfour, the company that makes the ring, for fitting. Victoria chose not to do this because she immediately felt close and connected to her ring; she couldn’t imagine parting with it to have it fitted! I love how she has to wear it on her middle finger because she couldn’t bare parting with it.

As the semester was coming to a close and Victoria would be a graduate, I asked her what will she miss most about St. Ed’s; she told me sitting on the Main building steps and talking with friends. It is those little things in life that we may take for granted day by day, but in reality they do meant the most to us.

*St. Edward's University students get 40% off their 1 hour graduation shoot cost!

Congratulations, Victoria! Forever SEU.