Hold onto Hope

A sketchbook is a place to document your most inner thoughts and feelings. This is a peek into mine.I have this love for hand lettering and typography. I wanted to experiment using men and pen in a composition without erasing the pencil after it was all done. The roses are there because (1) I can actually draw roses and (2) they appear hopeful.

Keep your chin up. Everything will be ok. Remember the good. Hold onto hope. Hope for goodness in life. Things may not be going your way right now, but they will. Just keep your chin up. This phrase has been running through my head as I finish up my college career and get ready to enter the "adult world." I am facing the what seems like unending job search, and grapple with the fact that I am closing a part of my life. I have been in school since I was 5 years old and am now ending those years of formal learning. I hold onto the hope that I will find a job, that I will love what I do, and that I will still create.