Caitlin and Josh // Engagements

Over the years there is one lesson that seems to keep making itself present: connections are almost everything. A few weeks ago I received a text from an employer I had three years ago. I haven’t talked to this employer since I quit my job to move to Austin for school. I was surprised to see the text from her, and even more surprised that I still had her number saved in my phone. Her text said that her daughter was engaged and needed engagement photos done. She remembered that I was a part time photographer while I was working for her and if I was interested. I was surprised she remembered me and that I am a photographer. I immediately texted her back with my email address, website link and instructions for her daughter on how to contact me. A day later I started talking to Caitlyn and planning on when to do her shoot. She wanted them done within the next month (at the latest). The difficult part was that she was in Frisco, TX and I was in Austin. I looked through my calendar to see if it would be feasible for me to make a weekend drive to Plano. It was and in we planned for the shoot to be two weeks later. We then started an exchange of emails, texts, and a Google Hangout to discuss what she and Josh (her fiancé) want for their photos.

I made the drive to Plano and luckily, I also had Alison and Cody’s wedding that weekend as well. I did Caitlyn and Josh’s engagement shoot Sunday morning before I left to go back to Austin. We did it at one of my favorite places in Plano. Arbor Hills holds special memories for me from throughout my entire life and I love that it makes for a great place to take pictures. It was early enough that we got some great shots with the sun not being too hot and it was a gorgeous day out.