Chamberlain's Nutcracker Gala

I went back to Plano to visit my family during Thanksgiving break. The family did the usual of eating a lot of food then hanging around the house for the rest of the day. On Friday our family friend, Karen Davis, called my mom looking for me. Mrs. Davis is the head director of the board for Chamberlain Performing Arts Center. That night was their opening show of the Nutcracker and there would be a gala afterwards. They needed a photographer for the gala. Luckily, I brought my camera with me for the break. As part of my compensation, I got to see the Nutcracker for free.

The Nutcracker is my favorite ballet; partially because it is the only ballet that I remember seeing many times and also it reminds me of Christmas. Tchaikovsky also has great arrangements in his music. Out of all the music for the Nutcracker, my favorite is the Chinese dance. It is so much fun and high energy compared to the other music. My favorite dance is Russian. It is normally danced by guys and they do all the tricks and it seems like they never stop. Chamberlain always brings in two professional dancers from a professional company to be the Sugar Plum Fairy and her cavalier. This year Chamberlain brought in Tiler Peck and Tyler Angle, both principle dancers from New York City Ballet.

After watching the Nutcracker, I ran over to the hotel where the gala would take place moments later. I spent the next two hours perusing the crowd and taking posed and candid shots. In between shots, I took a bite of a few of the appetizers the waiters were walking around with. I needed to make sure I kept my stamina up and hunger at bay. Most of the Chamberlain dancers were in attendance, along with the Board members and prominent donators. Chamberlain is a dance school, but it also a nonprofit that helps the dancers be able to dance in large theaters, like the Eisemann Center where the Nutcracker was held.