Gruene, TX

I woke up with a need to take photos. It has been a little while. Gruene (pronounced “green”) is a small town outside of New Braunfels and I decided to go there and take pictures of the area. I woke up at my usual early time (6:00), got ready and drove down there. I arrived around 8:00. I have been to Gruene twice before. The first time was with my sister for her birthday and the second was with some friends. Both times I ate at the Gristmill. The food was delicious and the atmosphere is great. The Gristmill is a refurbished old cotton mill. There is also outdoor seating on a series of 3 decks. It is a fairly big restaurant. I’ve only been to a few stores those first few times: the antique store and the general store.

I wanted to go back to Gruene and take photos because I want to showcase different areas around the world. I arrived at 8:00 in the morning. I didn’t factor in the cold weather, so after 40 minutes of walking around and shooting, my hands were entirely numb and starting to hurt from the cold. It was below freezing that morning. I got a chance to see more of downtown Gruene though. It is definitely small, but I think there was a lot more that I didn’t get to see.

I do think I got some strange looks from people driving by in their cars. I was walking alone in the early morning with a camera. That must not be something they see everyday. Sadly, most of the stores opened around 10 or 11 and I couldn’t stay that long. I really needed to warm up. With the combination of the morning light and the historic buildings, I believe I got some great shots of this small town.