Leadershape 2015 Group Photos

Leadershape is this awesome retreat at St. Edward’s where you can learn about your leadership abilities, but also make some great friends. For me, it was more about meeting new people and making friends. When I transferred to St. Ed’s I didn’t know anyone at the school or in Austin. So, in a way to make new friends and meet people I started joining things. That is when I applied to go to Leadershape. I was hoping to go to make some friends. I was accepted to go along with 59 other students. It is a week long retreat that happens at the end of winter break. Students are broken up into family groups with whom they spend a lot of time with. There are exercises throughout the entire week about leadership and goal setting, but I really enjoyed meeting all these people and becoming instant friends. One of my best friends to this day was actually in the family group in 2012. Our family was called the Wolf Pack.

During winter break this year, I was asked to go to this year’s Leadershape and take their group photo. I was so excited to because it was almost like a flashback for me. It definitely was not a complete flashback because the location of the week changed (originally it was at Camp Young Judea, but it is now at John Newcombe Tennis Ranch), but it reminded me of the special feeling you get from being on Leadershape. Leadershape is a national organization, so I recommend anyone looking it up on their campus.