SEU Ring Ceremony Spring 2016

The St. Edward's University Ring Ceremony is not an old tradition. Only a few years ago was when the Official University Ring was created. It was created as an initiative brought to the Transitional Experiences Council by Student Government Senators Nicole Bradley and Harrison Hadland. Together, they worked with Balfour to create the St. Edward's University Ring. The Ring displays St. Edward's Seal, Main Building, and Sorin Oak  which are all important symbolic features of St. Edward's. The first ceremony was Spring 2014. That was when my relationship with the Ring and the Ring Ceremony began. There have been four ceremonies since Spring 2014. I've participated in each of them as a photographer or that one time when I was receiving my Ring. Each Ring Ceremony is equally special and memorable. I've watched my friends receive their Rings and how happy they are to first put it on. Some of my favorite moments of the ceremony are seeing students shake President Martin's hand while receiving their ring; when the students first slip on their Ring after waiting until the end of the Ceremony; and the Rooting of the Rings when Ring Recipients touch their Ring to Sorin Oak. During the ceremony, there are usually two photographers. The photographer that was working the event with me was Sarah Longe. Sarah and I have a class together so it was a nice surprise to find out she was the second shooter. After the Ceremony, students have a chance to take photos at Sorin Oak and the Red Doors of Main Building, both iconic and special to the Hilltopper. I love taking photos at the Main Door and I loved seeing all the family and friends coming to support their student.

The Ring is not only a piece of pricey jewelry, it is a tangible representation of a student's love for St. Edward's. A speech that is said at each ceremony includes the phrase "your Hill, your home." St. Edward's has definitely became a home to me over the past four years. I love my Ring and how I feel so connected to the Hilltop with it. I bet the other Ring Recipients feel the same way. I am looking forward to seeing how the future Ring Ceremonies grow.