Caitlin & Tyler // Wedding

This is wedding #3 and the last wedding I attended this summer. I was the photographer for their wedding along with Alec Corona who was my second shooter. Caitlin was a beautiful bride and Tyler was a dashing groom. Their wedding and reception took place at Swingin’ D Ranch. It was a very long five and a half hours. Alec and I got there earlier than we were meant to. I have a tendency to always be early.

It was a typical Texas Summer. The temperature was over 100 degrees. I was constantly drinking water to make sure I stayed hydrated. Once of the worst things anyone can do at a wedding is not take care of yourself and then have an ambulance called for you. Of course some things you can’t prevent, but in Texas we know the importance of drinking water. This was my second wedding to shoot and Alec’s third. I’ve known Alec since we were in high school and doing yearbook together. He graduated from University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s in photography. I knew I could trust him to get the shot when I wasn’t around. We each had our own separate shoot lists to make sure we did not run out of time between events.

Caitlin and Tyler did a first look. It was so sweet to see their reactions. Caitlin gave Tyler something, but I have no idea what. It is probably better that way. We then did separate bridal party photos, and then was the ceremony. One thing that I thought was interesting was that the officiate blessed the rings and hands. I haven’t seen that at a wedding yet and I thought it was a nice touch. It was a small wedding and the people there were the ones that really cared about Caitlin and Tyler. You can tell because the majority of them stayed until the very end through the reception. A hint of wisdom my mom passed on to me is “only those who truly care for the couple and die hard fans are the ones that stay till the end.” This is why it is important to stay to see the couple off; to show them that you care about them.

The reception was held in the hall on the ranch right next door to the ceremony. Caitlin and Tyler are both huge fans of games so they wanted to make sure their wedding was fun. They had games set up on the tables and around the reception hall for people to play with. It was a very casual reception. They even had a pinata set up for them to break before the end of the night.

Overall it was very tiring, but I believe Alec and I did great work that night. I felt like my finger never let go of the trigger.