California Stole My Heart

Wedding #2 this summer was in California. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Ashley Davis, got married! It was such a special moment to be a bridesmaid and watch her get married. I went to California with my mom and sister. The wedding was in Seal Beach, which is about 30 minutes outside of LA (not including typical LA traffic). The first thing I said when we got off the plane in LAX was “There are palm trees.” I knew palm trees thrive in climates like California, but it was just amazing to see them all over the place.

We stayed in Seal Beach for five days. We got there a few days before the wedding, so those first few days were all about wedding prep. After, we were able to go do touristy things. We mostly went to beaches and other cities along the cost. Our first stop was the Seal Beach beach. We were already there, so it seemed like the most logical trip. There were so many people in the water surfing. Seal Beach seems like the place where most surfers go. All of the groomsmen were from the area and they all surfed as well.

Our next stop was Laguna Beach. I never saw the show, so I can’t compare to whether the city is just like it is on TV. The water was beautiful though. It was clear blue. We walked down to the beach to get our feet wet. Sadly, we weren’t planning on spending the day at the beach so we didn’t have any of the necessary gear to be able to get into the water.

Our last beach trip was to Santa Monica before our flight left that night. We walked along the pier and ate at Buba Gump Shrimp. I LOVE shrimp so I was completely happy with eating there. The water was nothing like Laguna Beach, but the pier definitely made up for it. There were rides and carnival food and games. We didn’t do much of that because we had to get to LAX for our flight, but I am happy that I got to see it.