TEC in the Bluebonnets 2016

Spring time in Texas is definitely my favorite season. The weather is warmer, but not the unbelievable heat much like Summer. Days start to grow longer, and it seems like the sun shines brighter. Beautiful flowers start to bloom. Including bluebonnets. I like to think bluebonnets are a good marker of when Spring truly begins in Texas. They are one of the first wildflower blooms to come up before all of the other Texas wildflowers.

Since moving to Austin for school, I've seen a lot more bluebonnets popping up than I did when I lived in Dallas. This is most likely because St. Edward's is one of the most well known places in Austin to see bluebonnets. The hills of the campus are covered every Spring. I love how they provide natural beauty to the already gorgeous campus. 

The bluebonnets arrived earlier this season most likely because of the rain storms and the very mild Winter Austin experienced. At the very end of the season, I took photos of the Transitional Experiences Council (TEC) of St. Edward's University. This is the second year I've taken their group bluebonnet photos. It was just as fun as the year before, even though the team is different. People graduated and new people took their place. Each of them have distinct different personalities that came out during the shoot, but they all melded together as a team and family. 

Some things you should know about TEC:

TEC focuses on creating programs geared toward each class year that will help them get the most out of their Hilltop experience.

These guys are just all sorts of adorable.

Roman loves selfies.

Roman and Ryleigh will be graduating in May!

Ryleigh loves Kendra Scott.

Margaret will be the new Executive next year!

Aaron has a thing for colorful shorts -- I was disappointed when he didn't sport them during this shoot.

Becca doesn't drink coffee -- and I have no idea how she does everything she does without it.

Marisa is the staff advisor, and she has some Khaleesi aspects (Game of Thrones reference)

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