Briss // SEU Grad

Congratulations, Briss!

Briss graduated college! Briseida, or known by friends as Briss, graduated from St. Edward's University on May 7, 2016. Briss is originally from Mexico, but moved to Austin as an international transfer to attend St. Edward's. I knew Briss when she first came to St. Edward's because she started to come to Transfer Student Association meet-ups; I held Vice President and President officer positions for the organization. It was great to reconnect with Briss as we prepared for graduation and leave St. Edward's.

During the shoot, Briss and I were trying to figure out how to put on the hood. The hood was something graduates wore during commencement. It's normally something put on during a commencement for a Masters or Doctors, but St. Edward's decided their undergraduates needed the hood. Briss and I are trying to figure out how to put it on when Sister Donna walks through the Red Doors of the Main Building where we were taking the photos. Sister Donna is the Executive Vice President of the university; she is a fairly important person. When Sister Donna came out, Briss immediately asked Sister Donna if she knew how to put on the hood. Smiling, Sister Donna obliged and showed Briss how to put on the hood and explained what would happen during the ceremony.

Briss graduated from the Bill Munday School of Business with a degree in Business Administration.