Katie // Belton High Senior

This is Katie. She is a Belton High Senior this year! When Katie asked me to take her senior portraits, I was a little shocked. Not by the fact that she wanted me to take them, but by the fact that she found me in the first place. Turns out when my friend Bailey Pishner, from Pishner Photography, shared a photo I took of her Katie saw it. Bailey went to Belton High as well, so they are friends on Facebook.

Katie came down to Austin for her portraits with her boyfriend Derek. We met at one of my go-to's on the Austin East Side, Brew & Brew. Derek and Katie have been dating for the past two years; they met because of football. Derek was playing at Belton High and Katie was a team trainer. The high school couple has had there troubles, as all relationships doe. Derek's family moved to Kentucky this year, but Katie and Derek refused to separate, so they continued to have a long distance relationship. I think that is impressive. To be so young and have a long distance relationship for that long. Derek was in town because the day after our shoot was Belton High Prom. I talked to them both about Prom and what big plans they had. Katie was planning on wearing a  red floor-length gown while Derek wore a suit. These two pitched in with a large group of their friends to rent a party bus for the evening. They were going to have so much fun! It would even be more special that Derek flew down for the weekend to be with Katie. 

During our shoot, I asked the questions that every senior is asked: where are you going for college and what will you do there. Katie will be attending Texas A&M University. She wants to major in biology with the intent to join the medical field. What she wants to do in the medical field, Katie is unsure about. A short internship program gave Katie the opportunity to explore the different areas of a hospital. She found that she really liked the pediatrics unit. Derek will also be graduating this year from his high school in Kentucky. He plans on coming back to Texas to attend a community college for a couple years in order to save money. Paying out-of-state tuition is high. He then plans to transfer and join Katie at A&M.

I knew Katie and I would get along during this shoot. She is going to A&M (I am a fan of the Aggies) and she loves coffee (I sometimes wish I could have an IV of the stuff in me).

Congratulations, Katie! Good Luck at Texas A&M!