Roman // SEU Grad

Congratulations, Roman!

Roman graduated from St. Edward's University! I met Roman a few years ago while we both worked in the same office on campus. In Student Life he worked in the Transitional Experiences Council, and at the time, I worked in the Student Government Association. The summer before starting our Senior Year, we both worked on the Summer Orientation Team. I was one of the Student Orientation Coordinators, and he was the Executive for Transitional Experiences Council. Now, we both graduated on Saturday, May 7th.

Roman is originally from San Antonio, Texas. He came to St. Edward's August 2012. As a mathematics major, Roman has had to do research in his field. He became a McNair Scholar to receive funding and a scholarship for his research. Most of his last year at St. Edward's was spent going to different conferences. When I asked Roman the typical question of what he is doing after graduation, he said the typical answer of get a job. He spent so much time going to conferences that he's been too busy to apply to grad schools. However, he knows that attending all the conferences will help get him into grad school. So, Roman will be applying to graduate schools and intends to go enroll in the Spring semester. He is looking at colleges in either California or New York, and his top choice is NYU. Best of luck to you, Roman!