Zehr + Carson Wedding

This is the final chapter of the story of Jordan and Elizabeth as they prepared to start a new life story together. I met Jordan about four years ago when I started going to Gateway Church in Austin. Jordan immediately made me feel like a friend, and along with some special others, invited me into the community. Over the past few years, I would see Jordan every now and then during service, but college life can be very time consuming, and attending service consistently every week became difficult. A year ago, I attended a barbecue that my small group leader, Ben Sledge, was hosting. Those in attendance were the small group and a few other friends from the Gateway community. Jordan was there, and he brought his girlfriend, Elizabeth. That was when I first met Elizabeth. I remember thinking how sweet, kind, and patient she seemed, and I thought how happy I was that Jordan found a woman who seemed to care for him very deeply.

In September, I get a call from Jordan telling me he was going to propose to Elizabeth. I am sure I made some loud, high-pitched noise out of excitement over the news. That is when he asked if I would photograph the proposal. I agreed to, and we discussed the plan and how he was going to do it. You can read about the proposal, here. It was in Georgetown; their families came down; a friend from Canada flew in for the weekend; she said yes.

After receiving their proposal photos, Jordan called and asked if I could do their engagements. I’ve had a lot of experience with portrait photography, and doing couple portraits is one of my favorites, so I definitely said yes! Their shoot was on the East side of Austin. You can read all about that, here, and see just some real cute adorableness.

After shooting their engagements, before I finished editing the photos, Jordan called and asked me to be their wedding photographer. I was incredibly touched when they asked me, and of course I agreed. Capturing their story from the proposal to the wedding over the course of nine months has been incredible. Of course the story does not end here. Jordan and Elizabeth start their lives together now.



Jordan and Elizabeth were married on June 17, 2016 at 6:45pm at Stonehouse Villa in Driftwood, Texas. The venue is gorgeous: wide open land on the property and surrounding areas; an outdoor ceremonial spot overlooking the fields; conveniently located next to a historical white chapel (perfect for photo moments); a charming building built out of stone with a facade that appeared to come from a story book.

Since it was June in Texas, it was a hot 97 degrees without much of a breeze. Even with the heat, we were all able to prevail against the heat! I had a long day at work, but as soon as I got to Stonehouse Villa, my energy and excitement were renewed. Arriving at the venue shortly before 5:00pm, as I had left work early and rushed to the site, I started photographing every moment. I worked with a friend Stephanie Nordlund photographing the wedding. She was my second shooter, and I am so thankful that she was there because she definitely pulled through and got some magical shots that I couldn’t have. I've been friends with Stephanie since freshman year of high school. We worked on the yearbook staff together, and have kept in touch and our friendship over the course of our college years. I knew I could trust her with this shoot.

I have two favorite memories from the wedding. One was the look on Jordan’s face when he first saw Elizabeth walk down the aisle. His expressions were so overwhelmingly loving: there was crying, smiling, and speechlessness involved. I've seen many groom's first reactions, but Jordan's was definitely the most emotional. My second favorite memory is when Elizabeth opened the letter and gift Jordan left for her before she put on her wedding dress. I could tell she was trying to not tear up as she read the letter he left for her. The gift was a white wedding Bible. Jordan took the time and added in details of their wedding day (people in attendance, date, etc.) before he gave it to her! He gets extra points for that.

It was a wonderful evening filled with fun, dance, tears of happiness, and most of all love. I witnessed the newlyweds celebrating their love; friends and family making toasts; everyone was in high spirits.