"Sandra" // Behind the Scenes Photography

Once upon a time, I worked as a behind the scenes photographer for the short film Finished, directed by Natasha Straley, filmed by Taylor Camarot, and produced by Emily Reas - by the way Emily is my younger sister. Somehow, Emily and I were both born with creative genes and ambitions even though neither of our parents are creative professionals. Finished was filmed back in September, and that gave me my first taste of working on a film set. In all honesty, I was thrown out of my comfort zone because working in production is definitely not my usual day-to-day. I learned a lot about what really happens on a film set and how it can be long hours, but it was an exhilarating experience.

I went back to the world of film production to be the behind the scenes photographer for another short film Sandra, also Directed by Natasha, filmed by Taylor, and produced/assistant directed by Emily. Emily was working remotely from Los Angeles for Finished, so this was the first time we worked together on a film set. Natasha was also able to bring back many of the people who worked on Finished, but also some new faces came along. Sandra is the story about a mother trying to do right for her children during Christmas when she doesn’t have much she can give them. This story is in remembrance of the mother of the writer and actress who plays the mom in the film, Val Frazee. The film is sentimental and shows how love can be shown in the simplest forms during the holidays.

Filming took place in the end of December, after Christmas and in the evening. It was a long night, but we had a wonderful crew where everyone pulled together. Val’s dog, Bennie (and the Jets), made special appearances and wanted to hang out with us! However, he kept wandering onto the set, so he had to sit in the kitchen with our kid actors; Bennie received some nice loving from the kids. We wrapped up filming at 11:00pm, an hour before we original thought! Experiencing my sister’s world was wonderful, and seeing how this magical film was created was even more so. Sandra will make the short film circuit and be entered into different festivals. Keep an eye out for the short film that tells a special type of Christmas Story.