Claire // Headshots

I met Clair Daly when we were both students at St. Edward’s University. We had many mutual friends since we were both involved with different organizations and offices on campus. I’ve spoken with Clair a handful of times since she graduated, once which was when she hired me to create a logo for her blog Psoriasister back in December 2016. You can read about that project here. While we were working on Psoriasiter, we also discussed me taking some headshots for her. Between it being the end of the year and the holidays, we had to wait until the new year to take her portraits.

Clair and I met up after I closed up my weekend pilates and barre studio job. We met at a mosaic on East 11th street in Austin, TX. When I asked Clair if she had a specific place in mind for her portraits, she just wanted a colorful background. I immediately thought of this mosaic that depicts Austin’s jazz scene from back in the day. It’s full of color, matching Clair’s bubbly personality perfectly! We then walked down to Franklin’s Barbecue, where customers wait in line at 5am to get barbecue. It was closed, but we made use of their grass areas and building exteriors.