Luke is part of my tribe. We attend a small group together out of Gateway Church in Austin. I asked Luke if I could borrow him to explore a new possible shooting location. We went to Circle C Ranch for me to practice male portraits and to check out the scenery. I got there a bit before he did, and I was able to take a look around first. Circle C Ranch is massive. There are multiple roads that lead off the main entrance and multiple parking lots. There were tons of playing fields, and I saw a group playing flag football. There are also a couple volleyball courts! So, I found where I'll be this summer! When Luke arrived, we started wandering around and taking his portraits. At one point we stumbled upon a creek, and I asked him to crouch down next to it. Then, with my permission, he tried to splash me! It was wonderful to explore a new area with a friend.

We’re starting a one month fast: me from coffee and tea, and he is doing Whole 30. Send positive vibes and prayers, please!