Audra + Rowan

There are a lot of people who treat their four legged companion as an almost human. I think that is perfectly acceptable. A dog is a creature that came into your life and joined your family or became your family. They can be considered your child since you have to feed them, make sure they get exercise, are in a safe situation, and are loved. Audra has a fur child and his name is Rowan. Audra met Rowan after graduating college:

“So, the day after I graduated college I was wondering around a large flea market. It sells everything… including livestock and pets. I didn’t plan to get him but when I walked past he was too cute. When I picked him up he just looked up at me and rested in my arms, I was sold. So I basically bought him with all the money I had at the time. The rest is history”

Audra allowed me into her apartment to photograph her’s and Rowan’s relationship. Rowan is a very energetic Husky, but Audra taught him some fun tricks! Rowan knows how to sit, play dead, high five, and say “I love you.”