Caroline | St. Edward's University | Class of 2017

I met Caroline during Paola’s graduation shoot last December when Paola was graduating. Paola asked for her three best friends to join her for her session. Now, it is time for Caroline to graduate, and she spent this semester student teaching to complete her degree in special education from St. Edward’s University.

Caroline brought along her friend Taylor and her boyfriend Bryan to her shoot. Taylor and Caroline met during a University of Texas fraternity event. It being a UT fraternity, you’d think what are the odds two St. Ed’s students would actually meet there. Surprise! The two met and became close friends that first year of college. Bryan and Caroline met more recently; they met off a dating app. He is out of school and works in the oil industry. Taylor and Bryan acted as awesome cheerleaders during Caroline’s session. They made sure she got photos at all the places she wanted, and reminded her that 40 years from now, she will want to look back at these photos and remember her wonderful time at St. Edward’s.

A shout out to special education teachers:

I personally am not a parent. I don't know what it's like to a have a child relying on me to be taken care of. Further, I don't know what it's like to be in charge of 20 or so children to provide an education and teach what they need to know to get through life. Teachers are some of the unsung heroes of the world, but special education teachers are a completely special type of hero. I mean, you have your Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Black Panther, but then you have your Magneto and Professor X - they're just different. My mother is a special education teacher, and she has to manage so much. Not only does she have to teach and educate children, but the children also have disabilities to adjust to or overcome. She's also the team lead, so she has to oversee other middle school special ed. teachers. My mom would come home with stories of children acting out physically by threatening her or other teachers. Talking down students from physically hurting themselves or other students can be part of the every-day job for these heroes. It takes a special type of person to be a special education teacher: a lot of patience to work with the student that may not pick up on things as quickly, but also a sternness to say no when need to. So, thank you to all the special education teachers who work every day to help the children that have a little bit more magic in them to learn and grow.