Becca G. | St. Edward's University | Class of 2017

If you ask anyone what some of my favorite things are, coffee will be on that list. This is not the same for Becca. One random fact that I remember about Becca is that she doesn’t drink coffee. I honestly think I keep forgetting this because it seems so absurd to me. I met Becca when I attended St. Edward’s University and was in the Student Life office. We were in different departments, but everyone tended to hang out and around in there.

Becca was in D.C this entire semester for an internship with American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, so we squeezed her session in while she was visiting Austin for a few days! During her visit, Becca was able to see her family, St. Edward’s tribe, and Austin. She made it to Senior Brunch, a brunch to honor graduating seniors, and surprised everyone there whom had no idea she would be able to make it. A few days later, she received the sought after Presidential Award. The Presidential Award is bestowed upon St. Edward’s undergraduate and graduate seniors who exhibit three pillars of St. Edward’s achievements: excellence in leadership, high academic performance, and service to the campus and community. Becca exhibits top marks in all these categories, so it’s no wonder that was one of this year’s recipients.

Becca asked her friend Thelma and boyfriend Mike to come along for her session. I knew Thelma and Mike from my time at St. Ed’s, so it was great to see them all again! Becca and Mike met during their freshman year on a Campus Ministry retreat. However, they didn’t start dating until a couple years later during their junior year. Both of them got involved in different areas on campus during their four years, but the common link was Campus Ministry. So, we just had to get photos of them together in front of our chapel! These two are definitely on the same wave length. Mike wasn't able to come to the session until halfway through, but he and Becca both made the comment of feeling like a judge the moment either of them put on the gown. It's funny how they had the exact same thought and said the exact same thing, and Mike wasn't there to hear Becca say it at the beginning of her session.

Becca graduated with a degree in Political Science and she hopes to pursue a career in education reform. After taking a gap year, she plans on going to graduate school to study education policy.