Brittany S. | St. Edward's University | Class of 2017

Country music likes to say how Sunday mornings are for church. Well, they apparently don’t know me because Sunday mornings are made for grad sessions and then church. I met Brittany and her friend Melissa on campus for a Sunday morning shoot. I didn’t get to meet Brittany before our session due to the fact that she was finishing up school before graduating in a couple weeks, but it all worked out well! It was a little chilly that morning from the day’s previous cold front. Poor Brittany was wearing sleeveless dresses! She powered through the chilled air and Melissa was an all star with making sure Brittany’s hair is on-point.

Brittany and Melissa met during their freshman year and have been friends since! At St. Edward’s University, there is a program called CAMP that helps children if migrant workers receive a college education. CAMP brings together a special community of students that may not easily have access to higher education. That’s where Brittany and Melissa met. Turns out, they are both accounting majors! I love how friendships can bloom out of overcoming similar adversities. It’s those types of beautiful friendships that really help you through life.