Exploring Brushy Creek | Cedar Park, TX

Part of my photography process is to visit a location prior to a shoot if possible. Sometimes, it’s not possible, but if it is, then I will scope out the location first. That’s what Audra and I did one Sunday evening before our usual Game of Thrones watching “party” - by party I mean just the two of us and my 25 inch TV. We explored Brushy Creek Park in Cedar Park, TX. As soon as we walked into the park area, I fell in love. There are wide open fields, walkways, a fishing dock, and little sitting areas along the river. Of course, I asked Audra to let me take her portrait in certain spots that I was truly loving.

As we walked around, we saw families strolling the trails, couples snuggling on the benches, people fishing by the river, and some fun ducks. Audra made friends with said ducks and she was really digging one of the duck’s “hair”. While we were walking around, one of my friends Lauren Garrison Photography messaged me telling me about one of her sweet spots in a different part of the park. Audra and I hopped back into my car, and started driving to where I thought Lauren told me to go. We ended up getting a tad lost, but discovered a kayak rental shop at the end of the river! That’s was a nice little surprise. Don’t fret, though, we were able to find the golden nugget spot that Lauren told us about - they were in the completely other end of the park!

I am so excited for all the future shoots and adventures to have at Brushy Creek!

 girl smiling in field looking up
 girl portrait sitting on rock by river
 ducks by the river
 couple by river boy sitting girl standing
 girl portrait looking down
 girl portrait sitting on rock looking up and smiling