Gracie // SEU 2017

Gracie was the most relaxed senior I met this year while doing grad portraits. I was very amazed with how calm she was: wasn’t concerned about any assignments, graduation events, or the post-grad life. It wasn’t even that she was pretending or trying to be calm, she actually was. I remember the anxious and nervous wreck I was the month before graduation - let alone the week! Gracie even went to Cuba for a few days before Finals Week, and she wasn’t even stressed about that! Gracie came back to the states the night before our session. It helps that she she has a job lined up with a real estate company in New Orleans after graduation. However, Gracie does aspire to go to a South American country and make use of her International Business degree.

I met Gracie and her friend Elliot outside Main Building where another grad was already there having photos taken. I’ve learned to respect everyone’s time with taking grad portraits in front of the red doors because there tends to be many people that want the shot. Once we were able to get up there, that’s when the magic started. Gracie was so relaxed making it so easy to capture who she is. When I think of Gracie, I think “flower child” because there’s something really whimsical and wanderlust about her that made our session so much fun - think Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter (Luna is one of my favorite characters, by the way) OR Alice from Alice in Wonderland. At one point, she changed behind a tree out of her dress and gown and into casual street clothes. Gracie was very comfortable walking across campus barefoot, and she did so until we came across a field filled with thistle and burrs. Burrs are what we call “stickers” in the south - little plant seeds that adhere to clothing, hair, and fur. Burrs are not fun to try to and take off. She brought a bubble wand and was perfectly in her space as she played with the bubbles. I had Gracie sit in a field of flowers, and she just did her thing. I am pretty sure this girl could have been a model in another life because posing came so flawlessly for her.

Elliot was also a real trooper during the session, helping her carry bags, handing her clothes to change into, talking to her, etc. He didn’t turn away from photos with Gracie, and he was easy to photograph as well! Too bad these two are only friends: they photograph well as a couple.