Margrit // SEU 2017

I was watching this show called Quantico on ABC for a while until they decided to not air the current season on Hulu. This made me really sad because I loved the first season, but I have no way of watching the second season until it comes on Netflix (hopefully). Anyway, the leading actress is named Priyanka Chopra, and I could swear that Margrit looks almost to be her sister. There are so many similarities in each of their appearance that it’s uncanny. There’s also some similarities in their career choices: While Priyanka plays a CIA trainee on the show, Margrit studied Criminal Justice at St. Edward’s University. Both strive to be in the law enforcement sector.

I first met Margrit for coffee at Summermoon by campus. That is when I learned how relaxed and chill she is. We talked about her wrapping up her Capstone paper, but not needing to work on it for a few more days. We also talked about how she has some big procrastination tendencies which is what led her to booking her graduation session the weekend before graduation. The important part is that she got them done! I asked Margrit if she is related to a Justin Zuniga who is at St. Edward’s as well, and she said no; that’s when I learned about the story of her last name When she was born there was a mixup with her birth certificate, and the wrong name was put on it! She has a different last name from the rest of her family, but they’re all biologically related. However, she is related to another student who graduated from St. Edward’s this year as well. I found out that Margrit’s cousin is Roberto who was in the graphic design program with me! After realizing this, I definitely started to see some family resemblance. It’s so much fun to realize how interconnected our world and community really is. After talking and chatting at Summermoon, I knew our session would turn out great!

On the day of her session, we had a battle with the wind. It was so windy during Margrit’s session we try to find cover in little alcoves. She made it work, though, and looked gorgeous at all points of her session! Margrit brought her friend Melissa to her session. Margrit and Melissa met during the CAMP program. I talked about this program during Brittany’s session, but in case you missed it, here’s what it is: a program to help children from migrant families receive a college education. I love how my alma mater finds ways to help different communities that might be overlooked. Melissa was a wonderful friend and was so attentive to making sure Margrit’s windblown hair still looked great.

At one point we were on the border of campus near public road. There’s a sign that marks the St. Edward’s campus with a beautiful view of the Main Building tower that makes for a great photo opportunity. While we were out there, cars came by and honked at us, but not in a demeaning or derogatory way; instead, the people in the cars would shout out congratulations for Margrit, who was wearing the cap and gown for these photos. Hearing the congratulations reminded me that there is a community not only within St. Edward’s, but with the surrounding neighborhoods and areas as well.