Starting April 2016, I began my employment at Kelly's Kids during my last semester of college. I originally interned with the company twice a week for a month until a few weeks before graduation when I was offered a full time position as a graphic designer. I started full time late May. Kelly's Kids is a boutique, family-run children's clothing brand. All of their products are sold online, so I design email newsletters, image for the website, and images for social media to promote the products and company. Kelly's Kids is the parent to two other brands, Eleanor Rose and Bourgeois Bebe. The following designs were created for Kelly's Kids during my employment.

This is an exampled of a homepage layout I contributed to. This layout was used to announce the release of the first two Christmas 2016 collections. Separate images were made and then loaded onto the website homepage into the layout. I designed the banner announcing "A Very Kelly Christmas" and the four pods marketing the collections. I also designed a series of marketing emails to launch the new collections.

North Pole was the fifth Christmas collection released for 2016. I created the collection banner that went up on the North Pole Collection webpage. I then developed different emails marketing piece from the collection, once which is pictured above.

Eleanor Rose is a sister brand of Kelly's Kids. It has different visual branding from Kelly's Kids. Rooftop Wishes was one of our Christmas collections. I developed image for the homepage slideshow, the collection banner for Rooftop Wishes website page, and three emails according to our marketing strategy.