Adventure Guild is an artisan company founded by two cousins, James and Doug. James has a love for role playing games, and Doug has an entrepreneurial personality with starting many different projects. James and Doug teamed up to create custom wooden boxes that will hold game pieces. They offer different types of wood, custom engravings, and designs for the different types of games people play.

I worked with the two business partners, but spoke solely with Doug who acted as proxy for his cousin. We decided to go with a logo that felt bold and dauntless, but also had a little throw back to a retro time. This is how we landed on the shield and arrow symbol, but designed it with a poly texture.

This project was definitely a stretch for me. I'm not used to creating more masculine designs, but it was good for me to step out of my comfort zone and design something where the main target market is male.

Main Logo

AG_Portfolio_Main Logo.jpg

Marker ideas


Horizontal Logo


Mood Board


Brand Board