Alex Kruse of Alex Kruse Photography is a wedding photographer based in Seattle, Washington. We connected in a Facebook group that we're both in called the Rising Tide. I've been able to meet so many other creative entrepreneurs through this group!

I chatted with Alex about her brand, her photography, and her goals. She wanted a logo that combines hearts and pineapples. Alex and her husband struggle with infertility and getting pregnant, something she's been vocal about. She wanted her logo to represent this aspect of her life. Pineapples symbolize many different things, and one of them is infertility. Alex also loves hearts, and since she's a wedding photographer, she wanted a heart in her logo.

We decided to hand letter her name in order to give her a custom font to go with the illustrated pineapple. 

Main Logo

AKP_Portfolio_Main Logo.png



Mood Board and Color Palette

AKP_Portfolio_mood board.png