During the Summer of 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coastal cities, completely destroying certain areas. It then moved towards Houston and caused destruction there as well. No one expected the hurricane to be as strong as it was or to cause the destruction that it did. Changing its path from what was predicted, the category 4 hurricane landed in Rockport, Texas then swept across the coast then into Houston and the surrounding area. It caused over $400 million in damage across the affected counties.

As a way to design for good, Fresh2Design Austin held an enamel pin show in December where proceeds from the show went to Heart to Heart for Harvey relief efforts.

I submitted my enamel pin called Boots and Bluebonnets that was accepted into the show. Being born and raised in Texas, I have a strong sense of Texas pride, so when Harvey hit, I knew I had to find a way to help with the relief efforts. This show gave me the opportunity to design for good and create something that would impact society. The pins that didn't sell were returned to me, and I resold them at the same price of $12, and donated 100% of the proceeds to Harvey relief specifically for the coastal counties that were hit the hardest.


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