Emily Reas film creative logo

Emily Reas is a film creative in Los Angeles, California. By film creative, I mean she does it all: act, produce, write, edit, grip, etc. You may notice a similarity in last names here. Emily is my younger sister! 

Emily first approached me asking for a new business card design, but I suggested that I also create her a new logo and basis for her visual branding. Her words were friendly, quirky, and badass. We landed on using a platypus as part of her logo because Emily subscribes to the platypus as her spirit animal: it looks like a hybrid of different animals, it's kind of a strange creature, and it can shoot venom. It's the peculiarity of the platypus that makes it a perfect symbol to describe my sister. 

It also works perfectly as my sister is starting up her own production studio: Platy Productions.

Read more about how this logo came to be on the blog!

Connect with Emily on her Instagram and check out her website

Brand Board

Emily Reas Brand Board

Mood Board

Emily Reas Mood Board

Business Card

Emily Reas Square Business Card Design