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Victoria + Steven

In Texas, we have a flower that blooms only for a short period of time in Spring: the bluebonnet. Texans generally love this flower, and they flock to bluebonnet fields for portraits and to take a look at the State Flower. This shoot was supposed to be that. The plan was for me to take bluebonnet portraits of Victoria and Steven, but like many plans, it changed.

Texas, like other parts of the country, experienced an unseasonably warm Winter. The warm temperatures early-on brought bluebonnet season earlier than usual. However, as the bluebonnets started popping up, it’s been raining in Austin almost every weekend! So, when Victoria and I realized the rain that Saturday wasn’t letting up, we decided to move our shoot to Fair Bean Coffee. The one time before I went to Fair Bean was during Coffee Fast 2017. They have a rooibos tea latte that helped satisfy my need for coffee without drinking any caffeine. The rooibos tea latte has the same texture and taste of a caffeinated latte.

Victoria and Steven are part of my Gateway tribe. I met Victoria around three years ago when I joined a small group that she was in. We became friends as our small group went through life together. Almost a year ago, Victoria met Steven while volunteering one Sunday morning before a Gateway Central service. Steven is on the Set Up Team, and he helps turn Brazos Hall into a worship hall. Victoria volunteers with the children’s area during service. That morning, Steven helped set up the children’s area, and Victoria met Steven to thank him. After that morning, the two started to spend a lot of time together.

Fast forward to a month before their one year anniversary. I met up with Victoria and Steven after my part time job at a pilates studio. I’ve always wanted to do a coffee shop shoot, and I am so glad these two were willing to change locations. Both of them thrive off of coffee, so doing portraits in a coffee shop seemed fitting - and they volunteered for it! At one point during our shoot, the owner of Fair Bean Coffee offered to give us one of his chocolate covered strawberries to “the cause.” We took him up on his offer. He put the chocolate covered strawberry in a little glass filled with whipped cream. The prop was a perfect addition to our shoot.