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Alicia T. | SEU Class of 2018

It’s been about two weeks since St. Ed’s students walked across the stage at the Frank Erwin Center. I’m still making ways to share the stories of the grads that I photographed. Slowly, but surely, their stories will be shared because that’s one of the pieces to this little Hustle of mine.

We all have that friend (or friends): the one that has a fur child and loves their pet like it’s a person. I totally understand that, and I will most likely become that person when I get my own dog. That was Alicia. Alicia has a Mako: her fur child that she rescued through Austin Pets Alive! about two years ago. Alicia loves Mako so much; she even created an Instagram account for him that she keeps regularly updated (@mako_wako). Since Mako has a special place in Alicia’s heart for Mako, I insisted that he should be part of her session, even if for a few shots. I also not so secretly love having dogs at photoshoots! My dog-loving heart will always welcome time with fur babies. So, Alicia brought along Mako and her boyfriend Xavier. Xavier graduated in December, but he walked in May alongside Alicia and the rest of the 2018 graduating class.

I discovered her and Xavier were both psychology majors, and, surprised, they’ve had almost all their classes together for all four years. They discovered they were even in the same freshman studies class. However, they didn’t start dating until a few years ago. This summer, the three of them will move to California where she will attend Palo Alto University for her Masters in Psychology.

Best of luck Alicia!