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Amber M. | SEU Class of 2018

Austin homes many local coffee shops. Personally, I have a list of my favorites that I go to for various reasons - Stouthaus if I want to get work done, or Summermoon if I want a sweeter kind of drink. However, I love trying out new coffee shops and being introduced by friends. I met with Amber at Monkey Nest in between vocal practices. That’s where I heard a bit of her incredible story.

Amber majored in Business Administration and minored in music at St. Edward’s University. During her time at St. Edward’s, Amber traveled to 11 different countries between various study abroad and travel opportunities. Her favorites include Scandinavia and Norway. She’s one of those overly involved college kids where she was part of the university choir, sang for the church on campus, sang for her home church in North Austin, went on Spring Break Experiences, and was a Campus Involvement Ambassador. Amber has a God-given gift for music and singing which is truly remarkable because her mother and father are deaf. She learned how to Sign to communicate with her mom, and she was raised with the help of her grandmother. I had the pleasure of meeting both mom and grandmother during her session. It was amazing to see how Amber communicated differently between each other them.

Amber chose to wear a few different outfits, including her senior recital dress. It was very special to her for us to take photos in the dress she will end her time as a music minor. With Amber’s involvement experience and business background, she hopes to work for an event planner focusing on the logistics side of the business.

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