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Chelsea & Danny Funk | Year One | Marriage Anniversary

Letters play a huge part in Chelsea and Danny’s relationship. When Danny proposed to Chelsea, he wrote a letter and presented it to her. On their wedding day, they each wrote a letter to the other. As part of their one year anniversary session, they exchanged letters and read them outloud.

I love it when people want to put a piece of themselves into their session! Yes, it’s the people, but there’s something much more to photography. It’s about capturing you and your story. You can take a gorgeous photo, but it will be missing that piece of your soul. That’s why I loved working with Chelsea and Danny to create their Year One Anniversary session! They incorporated elements from their wedding into their stylized picnic. It was a wonderful session to show where they came from, but also where they’re going. They read their letters detailing memories from their first year of marriage and the excitement they have to be entering Year Two. They made a champagne toast and ate cake celebrating their first year. They looked through their wedding album, allowing memories from that day to surface.

A piece of their soul and their lives are in these photos; they truly help tell a piece of their story as a married couple. There are many different ways to help make your photos tell your story. By bringing in items that help depict your life, you are telling part of your story. Have an honest conversation with your photographer about what you’re looking for, and share your story about how y’all met, about the special and pivotal moments in y’all’s relationships. Your photographer can pick up on special pieces that can be used to create your story.

Maybe you return to the place of y’all’s first date for an engagement session.

Maybe it’s setting up an entire picnic, like Chelsea and Danny, but making all your favorite foods.

Maybe you are both home and have photos of y’all living your regular life together.

There are so many possibilities to tell your story. All you have to do is talk through it with the important people.