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Erin & Josh | Coffee Shop Session | San Marcos, TX

As I walked up to the Summermoon where I would meet up with Erin and Josh for the first time in person, I remembered how all these pieces fell into place. I believe God puts people into our lives for reasons - reasons we may or may not fully know; however, it’s all part of his plan. I met Erin’s youngest sister, Katie, four years ago at St. Edward’s University. She and I became friends because there were a lot of similarities in our personalities - both of us are ambitious, striving, don’t like to put up with unnecessary drama, somewhat Type A, and obsessed with paper goods and office supplies. Katie mentioned how I was her big sister at school, and she was basically my younger sister. Since I graduated before Katie, we slowly started to grow apart as I started my life as a post-grad, and she was finishing up school.

However, there’s something special about some friendships. We both know we can always call upon the other to catch up and have coffee or ask for advice and help. Hence, when Katie asked to be the photographer for Erin’s wedding, I, of course, said yes. Recently, I’ve decided to take my photography passion in different directions; for weddings, I will photograph them if I know the bride or groom or someone in the wedding. For me, weddings are special and intimate, and I can do an amazing job if I have a connection with the couple.

So, as we sipped our black coffees (yes, they drink black as well, so they’re basically the perfect couple for me to work with) discussing the wedding and hashing out details, my excitement grew for their wedding day. In order for them to get a feel of how I like to work and shoot, we did a mini session after discussing the wedding in that Summermoon coffee shop. They’re an even more perfect couple for me to photograph because they were 100% OK with doing a coffee shop photo shoot.

It’s only a few more weeks until their wedding. I’m usually a bundle of nerves mixed with anxiety and excitement during the weeks before leading up to a wedding. As I write this, I’m surprisingly not. Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been much time between this wedding and my last - unlike past years - or maybe it’s because I know this will be a perfect day and that God’s got their wedding and their marriage.