America the Beautiful | Friends and the American Flag | Fourth of July

While I was doing a session for Jack's first day of college, I also grabbed my lovely friends for a little Fourth of July inspired shoot. When you have gorgeous friends at your disposal to use as models, why not?

I am so blessed by these beautiful ladies! We are all part of the same Gateway tribe, and I can't imagine how my life would be without them. Each of them are so wonderful in their own way and show the kind of love that Jesus shows us: with unconditional Grace. I know I will screw up and fall, but I know these ladies will be there to help me up when I do. Life will take us in different directions, much like it always does with any relationship, but I have the feeling our friendships will last for the long run. 

 girl friends holding up flag
 best friends posing with American flag
 audra facing side with flag around shoulders looking at camera
 girl portrait holding flag in hands up to face
 girl giving serious look at camera with flag up to chin draping down
 girl portrait with American flag wrapped around her