Jack Goes to College | Austin, TX | Dog Photoshoot

I asked my friend Emily if I could take photos of her and her dog, Jack - aka Chicken - for the pure fun and need to create and take photos. We then started talking about the kind of photos it would be. We discussed what it would be like for his first day of school since he is a child to Emily. However, Jack isn’t a puppy. He is an older dog, so thinking of his first day of school seemed silly. That’s when we thought about his first day of college.

Jack received acceptance to Barkington State University - a full ride nonetheless! His human, Emily, was very proud when they received his letter. Emily wanted to make sure Jack was set for success as he prepared to start this new chapter in his life. She picked out new outfits for him, but, being a young adult, Jack wasn’t too keen on his mother dressing him. He did accept a bowtie though.

Jack is a very classy freshman trying to impress everyone in his bowtie - which he did. Ever since he was a pup, Jack has been an avid reader. It makes sense that he would eventually want to study literature. Jack loves Sherlock Holmes, and he always imagined what it would be like to investigate and solve crimes in the United Kingdom; he just needed to find a new friend to be his Watson. While being a literature major, Jack also is interested in other disciplines. He is taking a class on world politics which analyzes how some of the world powers grew to be the world powers. One of the countries the class focuses on is China.

Jack knows college isn’t solely about studies and grades, and he is determined to have the complete college experience. Going out for Rush, he decided to join a Greek fraternity Alpha Epsilon* in order to make new friends. With joining Alpha Epsilon, Jack enjoyed his first college party. In true hipster Texas fashion, Jack enjoyed a cold brew beer from Shiner.

Jack had a great first year of college, and he is looking forward to the next four years.

*This has no relation to the Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society

 dog portrait with books in park
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